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Our goal is simple – to help you build a strong company culture and achieve maximum business performance. We provide customized products that work in a wide-range of industries.

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Guus Oosterop

• 25 years of experience training, facilitating, coaching and change management
• Specialised in sales en execution of TripleWin programs en services the Netherlands and Europa.
• Co-developer of the TripleWin Academy programs
• Co-founder of TripleWin
• Writer of the (Dutch) book; voortdurend verbeterproces.


Telephone: +31 (0)6 42 39 49 35

Rob Panneman

• 10  years of experience training, facilitating, coaching and change management
• Specialised in sales en execution of TripleWin programs en services the Netherlands and Europa.
• Experienced lecturer
• Partner TripleWin Netherlands.
• Entrepeneur and manager in travel/ leisure and sport.


Telephone: +31 (0)6 28 92 41 52

Part of TripleWin Global


TripleWin LLC
405 Port Lane
Counce, Tennessee 38326


TripleWin Oy
Quartetto Business Park
Violin-building 5th Floor

Linnoitustie 4
02600 ESPOO


Chemin de Verney 15
1996 Basse Nendaz

Sweden and Norway

TripleWin Nordic
Nybrogatan 34, Box 5216
102 45 Stockholm


3 Milson Road
Cremorne Point
NSW 2090 Sydney

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Customers, Colleagues and You (CCY)
This six-session professional development program, conducted for 12 days over a six to eight month period, helps participants grow and develop the skills needed to succeed in business today as a trusted business partner. Participants learn a full range of important competencies to improve their abilities to develop long-term relationships with customers, including: building trust-based, win-win relationships; selling; negotiating; consulting; change management; and critical conflict and communication skills. A strong theoretical framework is taught with key models practiced during the sessions. A variety of activities, assessments and initiatives are used in each session to fully engage everyone in the learning process. This course uses a highly interactive teaching style, combining discussions of relevant theory with practical psychological assessments, practice simulations and team initiatives to create a rich and engaging learning environment.

Program Objectives:
To develop the skills and approach of trusted advisors and collaborative partners
To develop and reinforce the essential professional skills of selling, negotiating and consulting
To develop strong change management and change leadership skills
To improve interpersonal skills in the areas of conflict management, listening, asking questions and providing feedback
To increase personal accountability and self-awareness
Course Content:
Becoming a Trusted Advisor: using classroom discussions, team initiatives and the MBTI, strategies for creating and sustaining customer enthusiasm and fundamental concepts for building strong relationships and becoming a trusted advisor are explored.
Relationship-based Selling & Negotiating Skills: using classroom discussions and team activities, both selling and negotiating process models are presented and practiced.
Problem Solving & Consulting Skills: after learning about collaboration, a five-step problem solving model is presented and practiced using participants’ problem examples. On day two, a consulting process model is taught and practiced using a simulation and role play.
Change & Implementation Skills: using classroom discussions and real change situations, the impact of change on individuals is explored and useful change tools are learned and applied to actual change situations.
Conflict & Communication Skills: using classroom discussions and role plays, conflict, listening, asking questions and feedback skills are practiced.
Accountability & Learning Projects: a powerful accountability model is explored, along with the LSI personal assessment, to enable participants to reflect and action plan their performance goals. Participants give presentations on how they have applied the PDP concepts and models in their jobs through a learning project.

Location, data en price CCY Switzerland, Zürich, 2018

8&9 Jan, 5&6 Febr, 5&6 March, 9&10 April, 7&8 May and 28&29 May.

The program will be taught in English. In the sub-group discussions, it will be possible to speak in the preferred language of the participants.The investment for this outstanding development opportunity is SFR 8900,- exclusive VAT of 21% This price includes:

• Program materials, literature, workbooks, and toolkits for all sessions
• Venue costs, including lunch and coffee breaks, for all 6 sessions

• Excluded are drinks purchased from the bar, any additional hotel night stays (before or after program), and travel costs to the venue

• The billing will be sent prior to the first session.
• If you are not able to attend any of the 6 sessions, the billing will be 100%. You will have the opportunity to attend a make-up session in a future CCY without extra tuition costs

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Dealing effectively with stresstraining

Are you experiencing stress and is it having a negative influence on your life? During the 2.5 day Dealing effectively with stresstraining you learn how you can deal with stress more effectively. You learn how to recognize and prevent it.

Who is the training aimed at?

The training has been specially developed for people who answer (almost all of) the following questions with a ‘yes’:

» Do you want to avoid having a burn-out?

» Do you want to carry on sleeping until the alarm goes off?

» Do you want to have fewer physical problems caused by stress? (for example headaches, tension in the shoulders, stomach problems,crying fits)?

» Do you want to stop thinking and churning things over in your mind?

» Do you have a short fuse or are you more irritable?

» Are you constantly tired and don’t feel like doing anything at all?

» Do you have the feeling that you are running away from and/or avoiding situations/people?

» Do you find things you always liked doing are suddenly no longer enjoyable?

» Are you drowning in your e-mails and/or are no longer able to get your work done?

» Do you have difficulty in saying no and are you looking after everyone except yourself ?

» Do you want to learn to deal with the hectic world more effectively?

» Does your flexible open-plan office drive you mad?

We look at the employee using a holistic approach: work, personal life and body, and we provide tools to prevent and recognize stress and to be able to take action.

The programme is run with a maximum of 16 participants, which enables us to discuss, reflect and practice a lot. The fellow participants offer recognition and together form a mirror for one another. People reflect better on their own behaviour by seeing examples from others.

You are very welcome to participate on your own. Colleagues or partners/friends are also more than welcome, so that you go through the programme together and are able to help each other when you return to your ‘normal’ life.


The main themes of the programme

» Stress: what is it and what is it for you?

» In what way does stress restrict you in the life that you would like to lead, and what goals are you setting yourself?

» How can you recognise your own physical signs of stress and acknowledge that something has to change?

» What are your sources of stress? Work, personal life, and your own mindset.

» Learning to recognise sources of stress in the moment and consciously acting on them.

» Which choices are you going to make? For example, learning to say ‘no’, taking better care of yourself.

» De-stressing : what forms of release do you need?

» If you have come with a colleague, friend or partner: how can you help each other?

 The training takes place at 12 May 2018 in Zurich ( location will be Hotel Sonnental, Dubendorf)

The costs are 600,- SFR p.p. excl. VAT 8%

These costs include:

» lunch

» snacks/drinks during the training day.

» training material.


For more information or to register for the program

Guus Oosterop:



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Heemskerklaan 42
3742 AL Baarn

T +31 (0)6 42 39 49 35 (Guus Oosterop)
T +31 (0)6 28 92 41 52 (Rob Panneman)


Heemskerklaan 42
3742 AL Baarn

The Netherlands

T +31 (0)6 42 39 49 35 (Guus Oosterop)
T +31 (0)6 28 92 41 52 (Rob Panneman)

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