The TripleWin Relationship Model

By Nancy Brown-Johnston

The fundamental framework of TripleWin is the TripleWin Relationship Model. It anchors our philosophy and guides us in our consulting and training approaches. The model is a powerful description of the range of behaviors found in most organizations.

 The TripleWin Relationship Model™


I’m astounded by the number of organizations that operate in an adversarial environment. I’ve worked in those types of organizations, and I personally hated it. I found it difficult to go to work every day, and on many days I dealt more with interpersonal conflicts than with my work! Practices like employing win-lose power tactics, placing blame, and punishing mistakes certainly did not bring out the best in me. I am sure many people can relate to this. This type of leadership and culture is one of the primary causes of dissatisfaction and disengagement in organizations today.

 Unhealthy competition inside an organization wastes time and diverts energy from value-added work. Coexistence causes employees to avoid working with those they don’t trust or respect, and this can cause communication issues with big implications. It is this inwardly focused competition and unchecked coexistence that leads to poor performance.

The Alternative

By focusing on coordinating and collaborating with their colleagues, a healthier work culture can be created. This change shows up in performance numbers. Some of the outcomes are:

  • One person helps another person to accomplish his or her goals or tasks
  • An environment of partnership is created with shared goals
  • Conflict becomes healthy and brings out new ideas
  • Opinions are expressed and solutions to problems are found
  • Resources and responsibilities are shared and work gets done
  • People are committed to the end result and accountability grows, often to the benefit of the customer
  • People approach situations without internal competition saving both time and energy

Focusing on creating a win-win culture can fundamentally and quickly propel an organization forward; energy follows focus. Try it, it works. Look inside a healthy organization, and you will find them working on the right hand side of the relationship model.

 Here are some great questions to get you thinking!

  1. Are members of your organization fully engaged in meeting your company goals and objectives?
  2. Are your departments or functions more collaborative or competitive?
  3. Do conflicts create pain or insight?

The TripleWin Academy’s Professional Development Program provides theories, models, and skill development to support developing and working in a win-win-win culture and environment, using the TripleWin Relationship Model as one framework. For more information, see


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